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Mental Health Presentation: Bipolar I Disorder

Ann and Cory take the listeners through a brief overview of Bipolar I Disorder and highlight components of the biomedical model, the pharmacological approach, and the various intervention modalities…

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Strategies for Engaging Students Emotionally Online

Our panelists Kim Hellemans, Ali Arya and Adrian Chan discuss what emotional engagement means to them and share their perspectives on the topic. They offer their thoughts and ideas, and share how…

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Assessment Planning: Why, When, What?

(Close to 9000 views on videoedc channel In this session, Maristela Petrovic-Dzerdz, with the help of Dr. Anthony Marini, tackles the fundamentals of the complex topic…

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PALOMA - What do you like about Canada?

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2014 Psyc 1002 CH10 C MC 720p

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