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Zeinab Kahin

Due to a technical error, we lost Zeinab's video footage. Sorry folks! Zeinab Kahin is a Child and Youth Worker at The Somali Center for family services. In this episode, we spoke to Zeinab who…

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Jibriil Ali

In this episode, we spoke to Jibriil who shared their experience of navigating Canada as a second generation immigrant. In the podcast, Jibriil shares a courageous story of how his mother migrated to…

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Roshni Ethiraj

In this episode, we spoke to Roshni Ethiraj, who shared their experience of immigrating to Canada on a student visa. Roshni describes that her decision to immigrate to Canada was due to her own…

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Ali Adwan

In this episode, we spoke to Ali Adwan, who shared their experience immigrating to Canada. Ali’s mother had made the decision to leave with Ali and his brothers from Jordan due to a divorce…

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Richard Nimijean

School of Canadian Studies

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