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Intro to Brightspace for Instructors

Welcome to Brightspace! This introductory video was created for instructors to help them learn how to navigate Carleton's learning management system. For more support using Brightspace:Visit the…

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Strategies for Engaging Students Emotionally Online

Our panelists Kim Hellemans, Ali Arya and Adrian Chan discuss what emotional engagement means to them and share their perspectives on the topic. They offer their thoughts and ideas, and share how…

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Learning Outcomes as Blueprints for Course Design

Most simply defined, learning outcomes describe what learners are supposed to know, be able to do, or value at the end of a course or module. In the same way that we tell students that their papers…

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JohnZelenski pt1 MC 720p

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PSYC1001 Pychyl MC 720P

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PSYC2001 Primer01 MC 720P

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