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Kevin Cheung profile 2017

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2015 RLABS MOD2 MultipleRegression Theory

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2015 RLABS MOD2 LinearRegression Theory

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2015 RLABS MOD2 LogisticRegression Theory

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2015 RLABS MOD2 OneWayAnalysisOfVariance Theory Assumptions

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2 - Convex sets

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3 - Affine subspace and affine hull

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3 - Finding the dimension of a polyhedron

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4 - Integer hull

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4 - Linear diophantine equations

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4 - Integral polyhedra

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4 - Total dual integrality

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Stats and data

Frances MontgomeryDocument specialist, MADGIC

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STEFFI - Cosmetic Surgery

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2016 04 raven talk dave PROMO h264

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Self and Peer Evaluation

The benefits of getting students involved with their own assessment through self and peer evaluation. Note: This video is protected by a Creative commons licence. Creative Commons …

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PSYC2001 Brittany 03 MC 720P

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PSYC2001 Rob02 MC 720P

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