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Media Commons Tutorial | Rode Wireless GO Mic

From  Tai Zimmer 4 plays

Media Commons Tutorial | Canon G20 Walkthrough

Media Commons Tutorial

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Media Commons Tutorial | Camera Kit Setup G20

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KMS Workshop Creating Engaging Videos - July 14th, 2021

Kaltura Eco System Series Workshops: Creating Engaging Videos with Pedagogy and Aesthetics in Mind.

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Kaltura Capture Workshop July 13, 2021

Kaltura Capture Workshop Recording July 13, 2021 Lindsay Richardson Jill Salley Frank Heney

From  Lindsay Richardson 15 plays

Tips for Creating Engaging Videos

Zoom Recording ID: 94491902020 UUID: MKfZ3fDmTY25sE64DmU3jQ== Meeting Time: 2020-08-21T13:37:15Z

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Web-Conferencing Best Practices

A short survey of tips and strategies for the effective use of web-conferencing in online courses.

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2015 Chemistry Magic Show - Hydrogen Bomb

From  Greg.Allison 10 plays

Using AMX Touch Panel

A CTS video explaining how to use the class AMX touch panel system.

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Using the Classroom Microphone

A CTS video explaining how to use the class Microphone.

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Using a Mac Laptop

A CTS video explaining how to connect a mac laptop in the classroom.

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7b. Principals of WCAG 2 Time Code Burn

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7b. Principals of WCAG 2

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