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What are some of the challenges of using open data?

Challenges and considerations for use of open data in classes and in research projects.

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What types of skills or learning outcomes can be fostered/supported by using open data?

Types of skills that are necessary and that can be fostered when using open data in assignments.

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PALOMA - What have you tried:experiemented with for the 1st time here?

Mike Barker;Paloma;SLALS;Spain;Spanish;Summer 2015

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2015 RLABS MOD1 ExploringData

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2015 PSYC 1002R Ch00 C PSYC 2015

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2015 PSYC 1002Open Ch00 F PSYC 2015

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PSYC2001 Primer01 MC 720P

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PSYC2001 Primer03 MC 720P

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PSYC2001 Primer06 MC 720P

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PSYC2001 Brittany 01 MC 720P

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PSYC2001 Brittany 05 MC 720P

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