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Zeinab Kahin

Due to a technical error, we lost Zeinab's video footage. Sorry folks! Zeinab Kahin is a Child and Youth Worker at The Somali Center for family services. In this episode, we spoke to Zeinab who…

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How are you using OERs?

Examples of how open educational resources are being used in college and university courses

From  Andrew Barrett 55 plays

What are some of the benefits of OERs?

How open educational resources can benefit teaching and learning.

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What advice would you give to instructors or administrators who are interested in using badges in their course or program?

Effective practices for implementing badges and badge systems.

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What do you think are some of the challenges of using micro-credentials/badges?

Considerations for use of micro-credentials and badges in courses and programs, including technical challenges and administrative considerations.

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Why use micro-credentials/badges?

Benefits of using micro-credentials and badges in teaching and learning, and examples of how they are being used in classes.

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CarletonU Promo 2013

Produced by MPC.

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Advice for someone visiting Ottawa. (Esther)

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CDNS 1001R Martha 01

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2015 Chemistry Magic Show - Elephant Toothpaste

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Chris Motz

Department of Psychology

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CDNS 1001R AnneTrepanier 02

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MARIANNA Friend comes to Ottawa

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VIKTOR - Friend is visiting Ottawa

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STEFFI - Friend visits Ottawa

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Kathi - Friend visits Ottawa

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COLINE Friend from France visits Ottawa

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5. Demystifying the WCAG 2 Standards

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