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Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Tavalaei Zadeh

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Strategies for Engaging Students Emotionally Online

Our panelists Kim Hellemans, Ali Arya and Adrian Chan discuss what emotional engagement means to them and share their perspectives on the topic. They offer their thoughts and ideas, and share how…

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Lorena Ruci profile 2017

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2014 Psyc 1002 CH10 G MC 720P

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2015 RLABS MOD2 GoodnessOfFit Theory

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2015 RLABS MOD2 PolynomialRegression Theory

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JohnZelenski WEB

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JohnZelenski pt1 MC 720p

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2014 Psyc 1002 CH11 E MC 720p

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2014 Psyc 1002 CH11 F MC 720p

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Chris Motz

Department of Psychology

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2015 PSYC 1002 CH11 G PSYC 2015

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2015 PSYC 1002 CH12 A PSYC 2015

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2015 PSYC 1002 CH12 H PSYC 2015

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PSYC2001 Brittany 02 C MC 720P

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PSYC2001 Rob01 MC 720P

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