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Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Tavalaei Zadeh

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Welcome to My Online Classroom - Andrew Schmidt

This video introduces the "Welcome to my online workshop" session scheduled for April 7, 2022 in which Contract Instructor Andrew Schmidt relates his online teaching experiences,…

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Thesis Defense on Zoom Tutorial - Student

Thesis Defense on Zoom Tutorial - Student

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Thesis Defense on Zoom Tutorial - Faculty

Thesis Defense on Zoom Tutorial - Faculty

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Engaging Students in Online Group Work

Zoom Recording ID: 98969734955 UUID: B7V3Ze+BQnihbi0uBozSLg== Meeting Time: 2020-08-10T16:49:08Z

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Getting Started With Zoom

A recording of a "Getting Start with Zoom" workshop, from June 2020. This session is intended for individuals who have limited experience with Zoom (beginners).Zoom is a web conferencing…

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Assessment Fundamentals

Assessment is often one of the most dreaded parts of teaching and learning. But as challenging as it can be, designing sound assessments is critical to the success of your course.In this workshop,…

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2014 Psyc 1001 CH7 C MC 720p

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MARIANNA What do women carry in their purses?

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Stricktly Speaking - The Hidden IMS

Instructional Media Services (IMS) is not only about classroom support, as important as that is! It is also a team of dedicated staff devoted to the Kailash Mital Theatre, event support and equipment…

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2015 PSYC 1001 CH5 A PSYC 2015

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