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Accessories | Experiential Learning Hub Smartphone Photography Tutorial

Accessories / Experiential Learning Hub Tutorial

From  Tai Zimmer 11 plays

Getting Started With Zoom

A recording of a "Getting Start with Zoom" workshop, from June 2020. This session is intended for individuals who have limited experience with Zoom (beginners).Zoom is a web conferencing…

From  Morgan Rooney 94 plays

Chris Motz profile 2017

From  James MacDonald 52 plays

2015 RLABS MOD2 LogisticRegression Practice

From  Tom Sherratt 2 plays

2015 Chemistry Magic Show - Thermite Reaction

From  Greg.Allison 178 plays

2015 Chemistry Magic Show - Sodium and Potassium in Water

From  Greg.Allison 20 plays

2015 Chemistry Magic Show - Exhaled Carbon Dioxide

From  Greg.Allison 6 plays

2015 Chemistry Magic Show - Iodine Clock

From  Greg.Allison 15 plays

Carleton University TechSmith Fuse Tutorial

This tutorial explains how to use the techSmith Fuse product on your mobile device.

From  capture carleton 46 plays

Using SMART Sympodium

A CTS video explaining how to use the SMART Sympodium system in a classroom.

From  capture carleton 18 plays