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Welcome to My Online Classroom - Veronic Bezaire

In this recording, Veronic Bezaire (Department of Chemistry) reviews the decisions she made to re-design a workshop-style course for online delivery in Winter 2021.

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COLINE What is happiness

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Find articles using Summon

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COLINE What is happiness

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Using the Console Computer

A CTS video explaining how to use the class console computer.

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Effective Communication in the Online Environment

Strategies and tools for communicating clearly and effectively with students in the online environment to encourage dialogue and avoid misunderstandings. Note: This video is protected by a Creative…

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Online Communication Barriers

Barriers to communication in the online environment and how these affect the teaching and learning experience. Note: This video is protected by a Creative commons licence. Creative Commons…

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Information and Communications Standards

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2016 PADM 5713 Pre Assignments

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Information and Communications Standard

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cuLearn questions and help

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