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Transforming live lecture into online lesson

By Maristela PD - (Over 630 views on videoedc channel ) Introduction to a concept of online lessons and fundamental differences between live lectures and online lessons.…

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Introduction to cuPortfolio

Recorded on June 5th, 2020Session Learning Outcomes:By the end of this session, participants will be able to: • describe what cuPortfolio is • distinguish between different types/uses…

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What are some strategies for using ePortfolios to prepare students for employment?

How using ePortfolios can help prepare students for employment.

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Government information

Frances MontgomeryDocument specialist, MADGIC

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CDNS1001R Kahente Horn-Miller Interview

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PALOMA - What do women carry in their purses?

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TD Lecture On Philanthropy - The "Ubers" of Philanthropy - The Next Disruptive Things

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5. Demystifying the WCAG 2 Standards Time Code Burn

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Brigida Fortune tellers

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STEFFI - Bad Habits

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Developing an Online Community

Building a community online with student interaction and instructor feedback leads to engagement and creates effective online discussions. Note: This video is protected by a Creative commons…

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2015 PSYC 1001 CH5 A PSYC 2015

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Employment Standards

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Information and Communications Standards

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Information and Communications Standard

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Employment Standard

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2015 PSYC 1002 CH13 A PSYC 2015

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5. Demystifying the WCAG 2 Standards

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