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FUSION Experience Testimonial | Kristal Mae P

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Welcome to My Online Classroom - Lorraine Godden

In this recording, Dr. Godden discusses the strategies she used to incorporate the FUSION modules into her first-year seminar course.

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Learning Outcomes as Blueprints for Course Design

Most simply defined, learning outcomes describe what learners are supposed to know, be able to do, or value at the end of a course or module. In the same way that we tell students that their papers…

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What are some strategies for using ePortfolios to prepare students for employment?

How using ePortfolios can help prepare students for employment.

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2014 Psyc 1002 CH11 G MC 720p

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Bruce Tsuji

Department of Psychology

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Stricktly Speaking - Fair Winds and Following Seas

The man that took us from crayons to perfume is now leaving the Carleton community for the greener side; John Strickland, Assistant Director of Instructional Media Services is retiring after 30 years…

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2015 PSYC 1001R Ch00 F PSYC 2015

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2015 PSYC 1001Flex Ch00 F PSYC 2015

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