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Welcome to My Online Classroom - Vivian Solana

Introduction to the design of a second year blended course

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Learning Outcomes as Blueprints for Course Design

Most simply defined, learning outcomes describe what learners are supposed to know, be able to do, or value at the end of a course or module. In the same way that we tell students that their papers…

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Welcome to My Online Classroom - Alyshea Cummins

In this video, Alyshea Cummins talks about her experiences delivering the course "Religion and Society" online for the first time. She discusses some of the cuLearn features that helped…

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Welcome to My Online Classroom - Ian Wereley

Welcome to My Online Classroom is a workshop series led by instructors, for instructors, with a specific focus on sharing a wide variety of ideas, strategies, and approaches to teaching online. The…

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What advice do you have for instructors or administrators who are interested in implementing ePortfolios?

Advice for adopting and implementing ePortfolio tools, including technical and administrative considerations.

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2015 RLABS MOD2 AnalysisOfCovariance Theory

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2015 RLABS MOD2 LinearRegression Theory

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2015 Chemistry Magic Show - Tonic Water

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2015 Chemistry Magic Show - Sodium and Potassium in Water

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01 Nancy Awareness Video

Please take a moment to listen to a few words about the training you are about to complete from Nancy Delcellier, Assistant Director from the Environmental Health and Safety Office within Facilities…

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02 Nancy Supervisors

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Know that you are not alone

Worker Health and Safety Awareness Training: Know that you are not alone.

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2014 Psyc1001 CH2 A MC 720p

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MARIANNA What would you change if you could?

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Kathi - Cosmetic surgery

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COLINE Friend from France visits Ottawa

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2015 PSYC 1001 CH2 A PSYC 2015

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Commercial Sexual Exploitation

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