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What do you think are some of the challenges of using micro-credentials/badges?

Considerations for use of micro-credentials and badges in courses and programs, including technical challenges and administrative considerations.

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2015 RLABS MOD2 MultipleRegression Practice

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01 Nancy Awareness Video

Please take a moment to listen to a few words about the training you are about to complete from Nancy Delcellier, Assistant Director from the Environmental Health and Safety Office within Facilities…

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Supervisor Health and Safety Awareness Training

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Lead the Way

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03 Nancy Awareness

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02 Nancy Supervisors

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Know that you are not alone

Worker Health and Safety Awareness Training: Know that you are not alone.

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Use the Supervisor's Toolkit

Worker Health and Safety Awareness Training: Use the Supervisor's Toolkit

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Ron Saunders

Department of Law

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Overcoming the Challenges in Online Teaching and Learning

Common challenges in online teaching and learning and strategies for overcoming these challenges. Note: This video is protected by a Creative commons licence. Creative Commons …

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Information and Communications Standards

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Fire Protection Equipment

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