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What are the advantages of Open Access?

Advantages of open access publications.

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What are some best practices to follow when using social media?

Advice on how to effectively integrate and use social media in teaching and learning.

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Research to the rescue

Trish O'FlahertyDocument specialist, Reference Services

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CDNS 1001R Martha 06

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Carleton University Library Finding ebooks

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Carleton University Library Popular vs Academic Sources and the Peer Review Process

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CDNS 1001R SophieTamas WEB

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Stats and data

Frances MontgomeryDocument specialist, MADGIC

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Social Media in Teaching and Learning

Using social media as a teaching and learning tool for maintaining connections between students, course content and the world. Note: This video is protected by a Creative commons licence. …

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Discovery Centre - Aubrey Anable

Aubrey Anable (Department of Film Studies) discusses how she uses the Gaming Lab in the Discovery Centre to host her classes in Video Games and Differences. The Discovery Centre is a 9,500 square…

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