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Getting Started in Brightspace for Teaching Assistants

This video demonstrates: how to login to Brightspace navigate the Brightspace interface see course content view students' progress access course grades email students For support using…

From  Chloe Jones 52 plays

Introduction to Brightspace for Students

This is an introduction to Brightspace for students. The video will cover some key functions, including: How to login to Brightspace Navigating the Brightspace interface Accessing course content…

From  Christopher Khristophi 234 plays

Intro to Brightspace for Instructors

Welcome to Brightspace! This introductory video was created for instructors to help them learn how to navigate Carleton's learning management system. For more support using Brightspace:Visit the…

From  Saafi Warsame 387 plays

5 Course Design Strategies to Support St Mental Health- August 15, 2022

The first recorded version of the new Basics workshop.

From  Sarah Langridge Bitar 26 plays

Using Intelligent Agents in D2L Brightspace

Intelligent Agents are a powerful tool in D2L Brightspace that can help you engage with your students and help your students stay on top of their coursework. This video will introduce intelligent…

From  Amelia Martin 104 plays

Welcome to My Online Classroom - Andrew Schmidt

This video introduces the "Welcome to my online workshop" session scheduled for April 7, 2022 in which Contract Instructor Andrew Schmidt relates his online teaching experiences,…

From  Andrew Schmidt 98 plays

D2L Brightspace Assignments and Rubrics (March 2022)

The Brightspace Assignment tool allows you to receive submissions in various formats (files, video, audio) from students and manage the grading of this work. Brightspace offers a variety of options…

From  Amelia Martin 40 plays

Introduction to the Gradebook

The Brightspace gradebook is a powerful tool to help you manage grades and communicate feedback to students. From displaying grades, to providing important text-based comments, to calculating…

From  Allie Davidson 27 plays

Copying Content Between Courses in Brightspace

Course content can be moved from one course to another in Brightspace using the Import/Export/Copy Components function in the Course Admin panel. You can easily transfer content from an entire course…

From  Lindsay Richardson 404 plays

Brightspace Basics (asynchronous) - Jan 2022

Brightspace is a powerful digital system that supports teaching and learning, with lots of exciting features and tools. Come join us as we take you on a tour of the interface and all that Brightspace…

From  Kim Loenhart 262 plays

Grading Discussions in Brightspace

There are multiple ways to grade student participation in discussion topics. This video will walk you through the easiest way to grade discussions. Remember that in order to grade a discussion, you…

From  Amelia Martin 16 plays

Grading Assignments in Brightspace

This introduction to grading assignments on Brightspace provides an overview of the main grading features of the assignment tool. For advanced features or to explore this tool in more depth, check…

From  Amelia Martin 35 plays

Accessing Grades and Feedback on Brightspace for Students

Follow along with this video and learn how to access your course grades and feedback on Brightspace. It is possible your instructor may not use the Brightspace Grades tool to display grades to…

From  Amelia Martin 598 plays

Brightspace Communication and Collaboration Training

Join us as we explore how Brightspace can support effective communication and collaboration with your students! In this recording of the Brightspace Communication and Collaboration training, we…

From  Amelia Martin 16 plays

Welcome to My Brightspace Classroom -- Marylynn Steckley

In this video, Marylynn Steckley (Instructor, BGInS) shares about her first experience with Brightspace. Marylynn developed, "Craft as A Global Social Relation" - a virtual international…

From  Marylynn Steckley 50 plays

Welcome to My Brightspace Classroom – Peggy Hartwick

From  Peggy Hartwick 46 plays

Completion Tracking and Class Progress for Students

The Completion Tracking and Class Progress tools can help you stay on top of your coursework in Brightspace. This video will introduce both tools, explaining how students can best use them to monitor…

From  Amelia Martin 89 plays

Brightspace Faculty Showcase May 20, 2021

Hear from pilot instructors: Tracey P. Lauriault is Associate Professor of Critical Media and Big Data, School of Journalism and Communication at Carleton University, Cross Appointed to Digital…

From  Elspeth McCulloch 46 plays

Zoom for Brightspace

To request a Zoom Pro license use the Zoom Pro License Request Form.

From  Jenna Stidwill 129 plays

Submitting an Assignment for Students

Follow along this introductory video of the assignment tool in Brightspace. This video demonstrates two ways to submit a file or text assignment. For more Brightspace support: Access the…

From  Amelia Martin 1,271 plays

Brightspace Instructor Panel Showcase

See attachments tab to download the complete Q&A record from this sessionDuring this panel session, five instructors who taught in the Winter 2020 Carleton Brightspace pilot share their…

From  Allie Davidson 70 plays

Using the Discussion Tool in Brightspace for Students

The discussion tool in Brightspace is used for course assessments and activities. It can be a very useful tool for engaging with your peers and building relationships in a course. Follow along as we…

From  Saafi Warsame 874 plays

Brightspace Showcase, Instructor Testimonials

The Brightspace Pilot launched Winter 2021 with 27 instructors teaching 31 courses in the new learning management system. As part of our Brightspace Showcase series, 6 Pilot Instructors sat down…

From  Maristela Petrovic-Dzerdz 281 plays

Brightspace Discussions workshop Revised

Recording of training session 23rd March 2021. Presenters: Tracy Hodgson-Drysdale, Andrea Gorra The Discussion tool in Brightspace allows students to question, clarify, experiment, prepare, present…

From  Tracy Hodgson-Drysdale 40 plays

Quizzes in BSPC March 25 2021

Quizzes in BSPC training held on March 25, 2021

From  Mathew Schatkowsky 127 plays

Welcome to My Brightspace Classroom -- Julie McCarroll

Welcome to My Online Classroom is a workshop series led by instructors, for instructors, with a specific focus on sharing a wide variety of ideas, strategies, and approaches to teaching online. The…

From  Julie McCarroll 184 plays

Brightspace Basics: Getting Started in Carleton's New LMS [March 8]

Hosts: Amelia Martin (EdTech Development Coordinator) Tracy Hodgson-Drysdale (Ed Tech Development Specialist) Description: Brightspace is a powerful digital system that supports teaching and…

From  Amelia Martin 737 plays

Incorporating Effective and Engaging Online Activities into Your Course - March 2021 CDF Workshop Recording

Digital technologies enable us to provide a variety of learning and communication opportunities. Additionally, they allow us to reach out to and actively engage course participants, and to frequently…

From  Maristela Petrovic-Dzerdz 91 plays

Completing a Quiz on Brightspace for Students (TLS Media Channel)

This video tour will demonstrate how to take a quiz in Brightspace from the student's perspective. If you experience technical difficulties during an exam, contact Scheduling and Examination…

From  Amelia Martin 1,309 plays

Welcome to Brightspace for Instructors (TLS Channel)

For more support using Brightspace: Visit the Brightspace Support Site Contact 24/7 Brightspace Support by clicking Help in the Brightspace navbar Explore video tutorials on the Brightspace Youtube…

From  Amelia Martin 1,109 plays

Brightspace Basics: Getting Started in Carleton's New LMS! (Feb. 16)

Hosts: Tracy Hodgson-Drysdale (Ed Tech Development Coordinator) Kim Loenhart (Supervisor, LMS Transition Project) Brightspace is a powerful digital system that supports teaching and learning, with…

From  Kim Loenhart 237 plays