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FUSION Experience Testimonial | Kristal Mae P

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Welcome to My Online Classroom - Lorraine Godden

In this recording, Dr. Godden discusses the strategies she used to incorporate the FUSION modules into her first-year seminar course.

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Welcome to My Brightspace Classroom -- Marylynn Steckley

In this video, Marylynn Steckley (Instructor, BGInS) shares about her first experience with Brightspace. Marylynn developed, "Craft as A Global Social Relation" - a virtual international…

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How have you used social media personally, professionally and/or in the classroom?

Examples of how faculty are using social media.

From  Andrew Barrett 21 plays

What are some considerations for adoption of social media?

Considerations for effective use of social media in classes.

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What are some benefits and/or concerns you've found after using social media?

Positive and negative implications of using social media in classes.

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What are some strategies for using ePortfolios to prepare students for employment?

How using ePortfolios can help prepare students for employment.

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What do you think are some of the challenges of using micro-credentials/badges?

Considerations for use of micro-credentials and badges in courses and programs, including technical challenges and administrative considerations.

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